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Natural Breast Augmentation Huntington Beach

At the Natural Institute for Cosmetic Surgery, we offer Natural Solutions for getting the body you’ve always wanted. You deserve to feel confident and attractive. Natural Breast Augmentation is a safe procedure that increases the size and volume of your breasts using your own body’s fat.

That’s right! You can take unwanted fat from your waist, hips or thighs and have it transferred to your breasts and you don’t have to worry about the health risks or side effects associated with breast implants.

Natural Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

Natural Breast Augmentation Before and After

Dr. Accetta was the first doctor on the West Coast to perform the Natural Breast Augmentation procedure and has successfully treated over 520 patients. His technique and expertise make him an excellent choice, visit our Natural Breast Augmentation Before and After Gallery to see our results.

As a woman ages, particularly after breast feeding, the volume of her breasts decrease. The breast is comprised mainly of fat, the  procedure takes your body’s fat and transfers it back to the places you want it to be, giving you beautiful, feminine and natural curves.

Fat is the body’s natural fountain of youth. It is what keeps us healthy and looking young. The body needs a certain amount of fat to perform basic physiological functions. Unfortunately, even with diet and exercise, some areas of the body store fat while others don’t. The fat transfer procedure is a natural alternative to breast implants and an excellent method for restoring a woman’s pre-preganacy breast beauty while simultaneously slimming down their lower body.

Natural Breast Augmentation Procedure Basics

The first step is to perform liposuction and harvest fat from areas such as the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The fat must be extracted as gently as possible so as to not disrupt or damage the fat cells. The surgeon performing this technique must have a high level of liposuction skill and the fat must be removed meticulously so as to keep all of the fat alive. The fat is then placed into syringes.

After carefully marking the breasts, the surgeon can then begin to slowly re-inject the fat into the breast tissue. The goal is to not just “fill up” the breasts with fat, but rather carefully place the fat into the tissue small increments at a time, so that the fat can attach itself into the breast tissue with the greatest blood supply and nutrients, enabling it to flourish and survive.

Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation

One of the benefits of Dr. Accetta’s  technique is that the fat he harvests is typically resistant to diet and exercise. Therefore, if a patient is to lose weight, the breasts will retain their shape and size after the procedure. And, if the patient gains a little weight, they are generally happier because the breasts generally get a little bigger too.

With the natural breast procedure, patients can also achieve cleavage enhancement. This is not possible with saline or silicon breast implants. All of Dr. Accetta’s patients experience up to a 50% improvement in their cleavage due to the placement of the fat graft. Breast implants simply cause a projection of the breast, the cleavage is not affected so if the cleavage is wide to begin with, it will stay wide after the implant is placed. With the procedure, the entire breast is made larger making the cleavage tighter, dramatically improving its appearance.

Another benefit is the safety. Natural Breast Augmentation is not an implant. It is a known fact that both saline and silicone gel breast implants have varying degrees of safety and must, at some point, be removed and replaced. With the procedure, there is no need for implants; over ninety percent of the fat injected will stay.

With the Natural Breast Procedure, there is less pain and downtime compared to saline or silicone breast implants. The patient can choose to stay awake during surgery or be placed under anesthesia. There are no incisions or scars associated with this procedure. Recovery time is about one week after the procedure.

Why Choose Natural Breast Augmentation

  • For larger, fuller and more supple breasts
  • To restore pre-pregancy breast size, shape and appearance
  • To correct embarrassing size discrepancies between breasts
  • For restoration following surgical lumpectomy procedures

Fat Grafting for Implants

Dr. Accetta also performs fat transfer for patients who already have breast implants to either give a more natural appearance or to soften the breasts or smooth out rippling. Fat transfer can also enhance cleavage which is not possible with breast implants alone. Dr. Accetta can also remove breast implants and perform the natural breast augmentation to give the desired results that are safe and natural.
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Advanced Technique For Optimal Results

Dr. Accetta is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in the country for this procedure. He has performed over 520 procedures and has achieved unheard of breast implant sized results in patients through multiple phase treatment. Dr. Accetta uses the PureGraft technique to ensure the highest quality fat for the best survival rate and regenerative properties. Through two phase treatment, Dr. Accetta is able to deliver patients with a significant size increase that was previously not possible with the fat transfer procedures.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’ve been thinking about the procedure, now is the time to call. Dr. Accetta offers free and confidential consultations with phone consultations available for out of town patients. Ask about our specials and financing options to make paying for your procedure easy and affordable. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

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I went up 1 1/2 cups with natural breast augmentation. My breasts look amazing and my confidence is at an all time high! Thank you thank you thank you for making such a scary experience so easy and relaxing for me. Katie, Santa Ana, CA

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